Holding Tank

These 300-gallon waste water holding tanks are a necessity for office trailers that have restrooms and or a sink inside. A complete solution for any construction site office trailer, temporary business offices and special events in need of bulk waste storage.


These strong, impact-resistant polyethylene holding tanks are designed with recessed ports to accommodate various plumbing configurations and against breakage. The fittings are molded, not spin-welded to provide greater strength. The holding tanks can be connected end-to-end with standard rubber fittings to increase waste storage as needed.

Contact us about delivery and service options. Our knowledgeable sales team can provide you with the sanitation solutions that best fit your project, business or special event.

Accessibility of Holding Tanks

In order to install and provide your weekly service, our service truck needs an obstacle-free path to the tanks at all times. If the holding tank gets blocked or inaccessible, the customer needs to notify his representative or the operations department to reschedule the next service day.

Important Tips

  • Our service trucks need to be able to park a minimum of 25-feet from the holding tank to service properly.
  • The standard guideline is one holding tank with once a week service for up to four people working a 40-hour workweek with no meetings or visitors.
  • If your freshwater is directly connected to a water source, all building occupants and visitors to use the water sparingly and to make sure the faucet is shut off completely after use. This will help prevent the holding tank from being filled too quickly.
  • Water is non-potable and not appropriate for human consumption.

Product Details

  • Interlocking stacking posts/pockets on all four corners
  • Recessed ports and connections
  • Two internal pillars for added strength
  • Thickened corners
  • Made out of durable poly
  • 300-gallon capacity tanks
  • Ideal for job site office trailers
  • Heavy-duty thick wall construction
  • Optional hook-up provided by AREA Restroom (call or email to inquire)

Product Specifications

  • Height: 16.35”
  • Width: 60”
  • Length: 95”
  • Water: 300 gal
  • Weight: 136.3 lbs.