Restroom Trailer Rentals in Rancho Cordova, CA​

Area Portable Services is a Trusted Name in Restroom Rentals

When searching for the perfect portable bathroom for your job site or next big event, consider calling on the professional team at Area Portable Services in Rancho Cordova, CA. Our restroom trailers not only give you a safe to relive yourself but paired with our unique features, you can ensure a pleasant experience for all your guests and employees. Having the perfect bathroom can make or break your event, and if your employees do not feel safe in the restroom you have selected, they could be wasting time looking for a better one in the area. Allow our staff to go over your needs with you to help you choose the best restroom trailer today.

Types of Restroom Trailers Area Portable Services Offers

Area Portable Services has been servicing the Rancho Cordova area for years with a multitude of options when it comes to restroom trailers. We understand the unique needs of our clients and will assist in choosing the right one to ensure their success. There are also many unique features we can pair with the restrooms to give your guests and employees an even better experience. Check out the options and features below, then give us a call to begin shopping for your next restroom trailer rental:
  • Residence Trailer
  • Porta Lisa Trailer
  • Comfort Elite II Trailer
  • Double VIP Trailer
  • Deluxe Flushing Restroom
  • White Wedding Flushing Restrooms
  • Standard Unit
  • Standard W/Sink Unit
  • 21 Gallon Hand Wash Station
  • 45 Gallon Hand Wash Station
  • Free Standing Hand Sanitizer Trees
  • Single Towable w/ Sink Inside
  • Double Towable W/ Sink on board
  • Double Towable W/ Sink on board
  • AG Compliant Towable
  • High Tech II Flushing Restroom
  • Fresh or Waste Holding Tank
  • 6 x 12 Panelized Temporary Fencing
  • In-Ground Wire Temporary Fencing
  • Privacy/Wind Screen for Fencing
  • Containment Trays

Benefits of Choosing Restroom Trailers Over Others

What makes restroom trailers better than traditional options is you have multiple stalls within one trailer instead of single units. We provide them in two-, four-, or six-unit models. Allow your guests to get back to the event quicker by giving them more stalls in which to relieve themselves. Another benefit is smell retention. No need to ruin the experience or ambiance you are trying to create because your portable bathroom does not have a proper exhaust system. We can also hook these rentals up to plumbing to provide running water for proper handwashing inside. Temperature control and retention also help make going to the bathroom a more enjoyable time.

Choosing the Correct Restroom Trailer

The Restroom Calculator we have developed is the most excellent tool on our belt to help decide which restroom trailer is best for your event. It asks essential questions like, how many guests you have, will there be alcohol and the number of hours you will need it. We can also use outside factors such as the aesthetic of the event and the features you will require. Trust our experts to fit your event with the perfect restroom trailers.

Call Area Portable Services to Reserve Today

Area Portable Services has helped business owners and residents with their restroom trailer needs. From fitting them to job sites to remodeling projects, special events, or public gatherings, we have everything you need to ensure success. Reach out to our specialists today to discuss your needs and wants to allow them to help you pick the perfect restroom trailer.