Hand Wash Station (45gal)

The 45-gallon “ hands-free” dual wash station is ideal for medium to large events. Designed to accommodate complete forearm washing. Offering Two soap dispensers, One lockable paper towel dispenser and the large cutouts make the powerful foot pumps easily accessible.

Key Features

  • Paper towel & lotion soap dispenser
  • Foot pump operation for water
  • Meets OSHA regulations
  • Sealed tanks help to prevent contamination
  • Two-station – 45-gallon freshwater wash station, averages 600 uses per unit (Place two units back-to-back for a four-station handwashing facility)


Area Restroom Solutions reserves the right to substitute sink styles based upon product availability. If you desire a
specific style, please request it at the time of the initial order. All efforts will be made to accommodate your request.

Product Specifications

  • Height 47.75”
  • Width 30.25”
  • Length 34”
  • Weight 120 lbs.
  • 45-gallon wash station