Fresh Water Tank

IBC- Intermediate Bulk Container. The 300-gallon industrial container is easy to fill, easy to stack, easy to load and a space-saver. It’s the best solution for transporting, storing water and appropriate for food use.


The 300-gallon freshwater tank comes with a welded galvanized tubular steel cage. Made of polyethylene and FDA approved resin.  Ideal for outdoor special events where water is not accessible and construction job sites needed for office trailers.

  • Mounted to a steel frame for easy transport (pallet jack or forklift)
  • Requires pump and hose
  • 2” Drain Valve
  • 6” Fill Cap
  • 1 Outlet and 1 Manway Lid
  • Gallon Indicators
  • Tamper-proof seal
  • Temperature 120 F / 48 C
  • 300-gallon tank
  • Chemical- resistant
  • The tank is surrounded by a galvanized steel cage
  • FDA Compliant

Product Specifications

  • Length 40”
  • Width 48”
  • Height 54”
  • Water 300 gal
  • Weight 146 lbs.