Deluxe Flushing Restroom

Our Deluxe Flushing Restrooms are an ideal option when you are looking to take your event to the next level. With more features than our standard special event units, these flushing restrooms offer an extra level of comfort and convenience for your guests.  Prior to delivery, our quality control team performs a complete “pre-trip” inspection of every unit to ensure your restroom is prepped and ready for delivery.


Constructed of durable and lightweight materials the Deluxe Flushing Restroom includes a hygienic hands-free sink along with a sanitary hands-free flushing system via a floor mounted foot pump. This unit comes stocked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper, seat covers in addition to an onboard water tank for the sink.

Contact us about delivery and service options. Our knowledgeable sales team can provide you with the sanitation solutions that best fit your project, business or special event.

Key Features

  • Fresh flushing system
  • Internal wash station
  • Overhead solar light
  • Purse shelf
  • Large Mirror
  • Operable foot pump for flushing the toilet, which allows for hands-free, germ-free operation
  • Operable foot pump for sink faucet, which allows for hands-free, germ-free operation
  • Soap, paper towel & sanitary seat dispensers
  • Elegant neutral appearance for your special event needs

Product Specifications

  • Depth – 47”
  • Width – 51.5”
  • Height – 91”
  • Door opening – 75”
  • Floor area – 1036 sq. in.
  • # of Usages – 125