2-Station VIP Restroom Trailers

Key Features

  • 100 max guests in a 4-6hr time frame (250 average uses)
  • Individual Privacy
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Built-in trash receptacles
  • Vacant/occupied light
  • Vanity mirror, soap and towel dispenser
  • Sanitary seat covers, dual paper toilet roll dispensers
  • Units are completely self-contained – No utilities required
  • A/C unit is available on some units
  • Solar Package (Optional) trailer will run on Solar or Electricity with a 110v extension cord
  • Power (110v 20amp) is required to operate A/C unit and highly recommended for safe operation of the restroom trailer


If you’re looking for more than a standard portable toilet, then these affordable 2-Station VIP Restroom Trailers could be just the thing! These restroom trailers are a wonderful option for any social gathering including backyard weddings, emergency relief, concerts, celebrations, and festivals.

Contact us about delivery and service options. Our knowledgeable sales team can provide you with the sanitation solutions that best fit your project, business or special event.

Product Specifications


  • Length – 15′ (including trailer tongue)
  • Width – 8 (stairs and ramp)
  • Height – 9′ (overall unit)