The Office Restroom Trailer

If you’re looking for more than a standard portable toilet, then this affordable Office Restroom Trailer could be just the thing! This exceptionally clean modern design offers aluminum structural elements, powered roof vent and is completely self-contained without requirements for electrical or water hookups. Ideal rental for any social gathering including backyard weddings, emergency relief, concerts, celebrations, and festivals.

Key Features

  • 100 max guests in an 8hr time frame
  • Two Stall Restroom Trailer
  • Solar Powered
  • Individual Privacy
  • Length 15′ (including trailer tongue)
  • Width 8’
  • Height 9”
  • A/C


These sleek and upscale appearance restroom units will serve as an affordable solution for your special event needs. Ideal for use at weddings, parties, and festivals. They are designed to operate as fully, self-contained units without requirements for electrical or water hookups.

  • Lights and running water
  • 10″x13″ oval sink
  • Freshwater flush toilets
  • Built-in trash receptacles
  • Vacant/occupied light
  • Solar powered
  • Complete Privacy
  • Vanity mirror, soap and towel dispenser
  • Sanitary seat covers, dual paper toilet roll dispensers
  • Weather-proof gray interior carpet
  • Accommodates 125 average uses per unit
  • Units are completely self-contained – No utilities required
  • Low step height and landing for easy access
  • Great for tight places
  • Equipped with hot water heater
  • Air conditioning/heating is available (additional 15-amp circuit – standard outlet is required for this option)


Product SpecificationsUrban Trailer Layout

Single Unit Dimensions:

  • Ext. Ht. – 91”
  • Ext. Width – 48”
  • Int. Ht. – 79”
  • Int. Depth – 43.5”

Trailer Mounted Dimensions:

  • Length – 15” (includes trailer tongue)
  • Width – 8’ (stairs and ramp)
  • Height – 9’ (overall unit)